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Thursday, August 21st, 2003
11:51 am
Sorry i havent been around for awhile, and i havent been able to check updates. Sorry.

This is what happened. I went to the park with a few friends i made and i was having a really good time. The guys were playing basketball, so me and kasey decided to go on the swings. We are there swinging away and then the guys stop playing, and the one kid scott comes up behind me, tugs the swing back as im going forward, and bam..i fly off the swing, and now have two broken bones in my ankle.

So now its about 4 days sinse it happened, and im bored off my fucking ass. Luckily Kasey came by last night and picked me up, me her Scott and Joe(Joe being Kasey's boyfriend) all went up to the lake and sat around. Me being in a cast cant do jack for the time being so i have to deal with this.

We chilled there for a long time, I got to know Scott better, he felt so bad he gave me his hoodie and a bunch of other stuff, and then he told me he likes me and..yeah. So i don't know what to do. He is all "be my girl" and shit. and im just -- i don't know what to do, any advice?

Gotta go my ankle is killing

Current Mood: drained
Sunday, August 10th, 2003
1:10 pm
Can I just say hell yeah?
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Current Mood: awake
1:28 am
Mmkay, so it's 1:30 in the morning, i'm drinking a gingerale and watching "Don't Tell Mom The babysitters Dead". Don't you so wish you could be here?

Hm well I got my shitty senior sched. today. Great fun there. I need one credit and that's my Chem credit, which is bullshit. >:o (that is my pissed off face -- deal with it. )

Um so yeah they have me in a bunch of other classes, which i've already taken so im confused but that's alright it's not your problem.

So yeah I went to a party a few days ago and it was just -- it was hell. I mean i had guys trying to get down my pants left and right, and they don't take no for an answer. So i ended up sleeping in my car, isn't that great? I thought so. I mean i'm not stiff -- at all. But i'm not going to fuck a bunch of guys i dont know and start a great rep at a new school before september even comes. It's just not me.

Thats it for right now, i actually really like this movie so im gonna be a loser and go watch it, mmkay?

PS :: Andrew is my crush, we made it offical today. Aren't you jealous?

Current Mood: flirty
Friday, August 8th, 2003
9:24 pm
I just got back and it was nothing but problems :-( I dont feel like updating right now. And for the few of you who have me on your friends lists...don't remove me, i'll get to commenting.

Here's a survey I stole from happymeal88

last cigarette:When I was um, 15?
last kiss: Two nights ago (but it sucked major ass and i hate the guy with a passion, even though i dont know his name!)
last good cry:Last night
last library book checked out: no fucking clue
last movie seen: Bad Boys 2
last book read: Boy In the Water
last cuss word uttered: Bitch
last beverage drank: Gingeral
last food consumed: Sub
last crush: I really wanna crush :-(
last phone call: Dave
last tv show watched: Dead Like Me (HELL YEAH!!!)
last time showered: 2 Hours ago
last shoes worn: Red Adidias
last cd played: Dashboard Confessional
last item bought: CD player for my car
last downloaded: Porn...no um, i honestly dont fucking know
last annoyance: Noah -- he needs to learn to take "NO" for an answer
last disappointment: Moving to New York, finding out the past 3years with my boyfriend was just "Really fucking good sex"
last thing written: A bunch of pomes
last key used: Car Key
last word spoken: "Im losing my touch"
last sleep: last night?
last im: David
last sexual fantasy: Hehehe...do you REALLY wanna know?
last weird encounter: ...
last ice cream eaten:I got a slushie last night?
last time wanting to die: Uhm two days ago while laying on my friend's cousin's couch while two guys were trying to fuck me and i kept saying no? Until i finally had to knee them in the balls and went outside and slept in a locked car?
last time in love: I guess i thought i was in love with my last boyfriend. But I guess I was wrong, eh?
last time hugged: today...
last time scolded: HA
last time resentful:4 days ago?
last chair sat in: the one I am in right now
last underwear: my hawaiian pink thong
last shirt worn: yellow tank
last time dancing: Last night
last poster looked at: uhm i dont know
last show attended:Reel big fish, zebrahead, gob, matches
last webpage visited: livejournal

I HURT: When I'm betrayed
I LOVE: My friends, the waves, my dad
I HATE: New York
I FEAR: rejection
I HOPE: That I can like get a crush who isnt an asshole
I FEEL: Confusion
I DRIVE: A car?
I MISS: The beach
I NEED: a friend
I THINK: That...you dont wanna know :-/

Current Mood: confused
Saturday, August 2nd, 2003
10:00 pm
Another boring day in a boring ass city, with a twist ;-)

So i woke up today at the fucking butt crack of dawn (which is 10 o'clock in my book ) and i got to go to my shit ass job. I waitress. We had to be their early for some bullshit meeting, then some guy started happy hour a little to early and kept smacking my ass, the prick even put his hand underneath my skirt. So after telling him to knock it off and her kept doing it -- i smacked him and quit. Well really, i think they fired me before I could quit but, meh...

So yes I came home early, mom wasnt here so it was nice. Had the house to myself, took a swim, laid out, called my friends and ran up the phone bill some more. My main goal is to make my mother so miserable she sees how miserable i am and takes me back to LA so i can be with everyone.

OH great news ::rolls eyes:: my best friend an i were talking today and she told me that my ex (ya know...the one who said he loved me yesterday) ::coughs:: the asshole ::coughs:: yeah he's already screwing as many girls as he can get with so yes -- my day sucks...big time.

I promise these updates will get better sooner or later.

Happymeal: How was the concert?

Aim screen name = x Surfer Babe ox

Current Mood: depressed
Friday, August 1st, 2003
3:30 pm
First real update
So today I woke up like any other day around 12:30, maybe it was one...i'm not sure. But I rolled out of bed and looked out my window, I didn't see waves rolling in, or my friends standing outside my window with their boards waiting for me -- this feeling is getting to me big time.

My name is Raquel Smith, i'm a surfer girl from CA. My parents just got a divorced and my mom moved out here, courts ruled in the best interest of the child (for my mom) and trust me it wasn't my best interest. If anything my mom and me -- don't get along. It was always my dad I could depend on, now i'm stuck in this hell hold.

Sorry if i'm freaking anyone who is reading this out, I just haven't been able to fit in here. I mean theres nothing i'm use to, theres not a beach for miles and miles, the people here (where i am) are stuck up snobs and -- yes..

So i called my exboyfriend (We broke up because i had to move) and we talked, he told me the waves were awesome today, and he just kept going on about it, because i wanted him too. I mean I miss it so fucking much. Then he told me he loved me, we hung up and i cried. haha. Yeah yeah, laugh it up.

Meh I dont know. Oh if anyone knows how to turn pictures into icons that are reading this, i'd like my own pictures to be turned into them -- if it's no trouble.

Thats it for right now

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Current Mood: awake
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