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First real update

So today I woke up like any other day around 12:30, maybe it was one...i'm not sure. But I rolled out of bed and looked out my window, I didn't see waves rolling in, or my friends standing outside my window with their boards waiting for me -- this feeling is getting to me big time.

My name is Raquel Smith, i'm a surfer girl from CA. My parents just got a divorced and my mom moved out here, courts ruled in the best interest of the child (for my mom) and trust me it wasn't my best interest. If anything my mom and me -- don't get along. It was always my dad I could depend on, now i'm stuck in this hell hold.

Sorry if i'm freaking anyone who is reading this out, I just haven't been able to fit in here. I mean theres nothing i'm use to, theres not a beach for miles and miles, the people here (where i am) are stuck up snobs and -- yes..

So i called my exboyfriend (We broke up because i had to move) and we talked, he told me the waves were awesome today, and he just kept going on about it, because i wanted him too. I mean I miss it so fucking much. Then he told me he loved me, we hung up and i cried. haha. Yeah yeah, laugh it up.

Meh I dont know. Oh if anyone knows how to turn pictures into icons that are reading this, i'd like my own pictures to be turned into them -- if it's no trouble.

Thats it for right now

I Am The Sex Toy:

Hi-Tech Masterpiece: Some say that I was developed in a top secret lab while others say I was developed by aliens for my probing capabilities, but only I know the truth! My mission here on earth is to launch a full out assault on your genitals with my spinning beads, vibrations, and clitoris teaser. My LCD screen keeps you informed, but only with information I want you to have! Mwua-ha-ha!

Find out what sex toy you are.

Got that from i3eauty_whore's journal. Dont be afraid, i'm not really a vibrating dildo, promise
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