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Another boring day in a boring ass city, with a twist ;-)

So i woke up today at the fucking butt crack of dawn (which is 10 o'clock in my book ) and i got to go to my shit ass job. I waitress. We had to be their early for some bullshit meeting, then some guy started happy hour a little to early and kept smacking my ass, the prick even put his hand underneath my skirt. So after telling him to knock it off and her kept doing it -- i smacked him and quit. Well really, i think they fired me before I could quit but, meh...

So yes I came home early, mom wasnt here so it was nice. Had the house to myself, took a swim, laid out, called my friends and ran up the phone bill some more. My main goal is to make my mother so miserable she sees how miserable i am and takes me back to LA so i can be with everyone.

OH great news ::rolls eyes:: my best friend an i were talking today and she told me that my ex (ya know...the one who said he loved me yesterday) ::coughs:: the asshole ::coughs:: yeah he's already screwing as many girls as he can get with so yes -- my day sucks...big time.

I promise these updates will get better sooner or later.

Happymeal: How was the concert?

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